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Chimney Crown Repair

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Damper Caps
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The Right Maintenance Protects Your Chimney Crown From Water And Decay

The Chimney Meister recommends having your chimney professionally waterproofed because moisture is the number one reason for chimney damage and repair.

Unattended cracks and holes in the chimney crown will eventually cause damage to your chimney:

  • rain & moisture enter the chimney and cause water damage & mold growth

  • dirt, insects and animals enter the chimney

  • mortar joints on masonry chimneys crumble and erode away

  • the bricks on masonry chimneys spall or crack

  • the chimney liner deteriorates and takes damage

We can help eliminate problems before they start.  Replacing a rusty and worn-out chimney cap and repair & seal the chimney crown will protect your chimney and fireplace for years to come.

 Chimney maintenance is much more cost-effective then subsequent repair   

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