Waterproofing & Flashing

The flashing is a sealing on the chimney, right where the chimney is passing through the roof. This is a critical area where leaks can cause water to enter the roof. An intact flashing is a very important protector preventing moisture from entering the roof. 

In the course of time, Florida rains and storms cause chimey flashings to erode away and become leaky. 

If the flashing is defect, water can get into the roof and consequently enter the home. The issues resulting thereof can be moisture, mold and even pests unter the roof. Moisture & mold can also cause odors to occur in your home.

With our certified Level 2 inspection we can find out if your chimney has any of those issues.

This picture shows a sealed flashing, water cannot enter the roof and home. 

We recommend to have this critical area inspected on a regular basis.