Chimney Top

Every Chimney Needs Maintenance And Protection Whether You Use Your Chimney Or Not

The best way to protect your chimney top is to install a chimney cap and chimney maintenance on a regular basis.

The Chimney Meister recommends having your chimney professionally waterproofed to protect your home from water damage because moisture is the number one reason for chimney damage and repair.

A rusty, leaky and worn-out chimney cap or chimney chase pan can cause the following problems:

  • rain & moisture enter the chimney and cause water damage & mold growth

  • dirt, insects and animals enter the chimney

  • wood decay adjacent to the chimney

  • mortar joints on masonry chimneys crumble and erode away

  • the bricks on masonry chimneys spall or crack

  • the chimney liner deteriorates and takes damage

We can help eliminate problems before they start by replacing rusty and worn-out chimney caps & chimney chase pans. A new stainless steel cover will protect your chimney, fireplace and home for years to come.

 Chimney maintenance on a regular basis is much more cost-effective then subsequent repair   

These images show that both, the flue liner and the chimney wash are damaged.
This picture shows that the chimney wash is damaged.

A chimney wash is the slight slope or beveled edge on the top surface of a chimney designed to shed water away from the chimney liner.

These images show that both, the chimney

liner and the chimney wash are damaged.

chimney cap is rusty and broken needs repair

This picture shows a rusty chase cover and the remains of a chimney cap which tore off during a storm.  

Here you can see a broken and rusty chase cover with a very big hole. Water can enter the chimney and cause mold issues and even structural damage.

chimney chase cover rusty with leek needs replacement

 When you see rust on the top of your chimney, call The Chimney Meister. We can help before water enters your home causing major damage.