Florida Rains

Florida storm and rain, leaking chimney, water entering chimney

Severe Florida rains can cause many chimney problems like water penetrating through a defective chimney cap, a leaky termination plate, a missing seal around the top liner or a weakened or defective flashing. All of those can cause premature deterioration of the chimney's structure or reduce the chimney's drafting performance. When a chimney is not sufficiently protected, the metal parts of the chimney can rust and allow moisture to enter. This will cause the mortar  joints in masonry chimneys to erode away prematurely. Moisture can also cause mold inside and outside of the chimney as well as on the walls and ceilings adjacent to the chimney area. Moisture and mold will also cause the chimney to stink. With our Level 2 video inspection we can examine the entire inside of your chimney and find out if leaks are causing moisture or mold issues.   

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Storms & Hurricanes

After severe storms or hurricanes, it happens frequently that small cracks occur in the chimney liner allowing moisture and water to enter the chimney or reducing the chimney's drafting performance. Damages from storms might not be visible for the eye for up to two years of time. With our Level 2 video inspection we can examine the entire inside of your chimney and find out if there are leaks causing moisture to enter the chimney. Unattended  storm damage can entail expensive repair down the line.