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Why A Chimney Inspection When Buying or Selling A Home

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend that all chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected when a property is changing hands.  

For safety reasons, a new homeowner should never use a fireplace and chimney without first having a chimney inspection done because the chimney might be cracked or damaged inside or there could be highly combustible creosote-buildup causing carbon monoxide poisening or even a chimney fire.  Another aspect is that a well maintained fireplace and chimney add value to a home, but a neglected chimney can require thousands of dollars in repair. 

A new home is a very large investment and it is advisable to learn about the condition of the fireplace and chimney prior to the closing of your new home.

"But the home inspector examines the different systems in the house"

The home inspector examines the fireplace and chimney from the outside and usually recommends to consult a chimney expert for the inside inspection because only a chimney expert has the tools and knowledge to prove that the inside of a chimney is sound and safe to use.  On average, over 50% of the masonry chimneys and about 25% of the prefabricated (metal) chimneys have problems. 

Chimney Inspection Advantages For Buyers:

  • Find out if the chimney has leaks or moisture issues caused by extensive Florida rains

  • Find out if the chimney is cracked inside from severe storms 

  • Find out if the chimney has structural damage

  • Find out if the chimney needs professional cleaning from soot, creosote or animal nests

  • Avoid dangerous deflagrations and a possible chimney fire

  • Avoid hazardous carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Ensure that cold air does not escape through the chimney

  • Find out if the chimney has proper flue & combustion performance

  • A malfunctioning chimney is a serious hazard for your family and home

  • For safety reasons, even a brand new chimney system should be inspected

Chimney Inspection Advantages For Sellers:

  • A clean & inspected chimney assures your buyer that the chimney does not come with hidden complications

  • A chimney inspection is an asset when marketing your home

What Does Our Video-Cam Chimney Inspection Include?

  • We check the firebox for cracks, damages and leaks

  • We use the Chim-Scan camera to accuarately video-scan the interior of the chimney

  • We check the damper to make sure it's in good condition and opens and closes completely

  • We check along the way of the flue gases inside the chimney for cracks, holes, damages or leaks

  • We ensure that the chimney connection of the fireplace is properly sized for the appliance it's venting

  • We check the inside of the chimney from the bottom to the chimney top for cracks, holes, damages or leaks as well as for structural defects

  • We check the flue for soot buildup, blockages and animal nests

  • We check the chimney cap to make sure it is properly fitted and keeping water and animals out

  • We check the flashing to make sure it is sealed and not damaged and no water can enter the roof

  • We inspect all accessible crawl spaces around the chimney for possible damages

  • We provide a detailed inspection report including high resolution pictures of the inside of the chimney

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